Resident Evil Claire Redfield's Limited Edition Unisex Necklace

Claire Redfield - independent, strong and fashion-conscious.

The playable protagonist from Resident Evil 2 isn't just the little sister of the heroic Chris Redfield, who saved us from an outbreak of the T-virus in Resident Evil. She's a fistful and knows how to defend herself if necessary. 

Want to take a page from Claire's book? You weren't the only ones who would have failed in this attempt. However, we actually have an absolutely stylish necklace for you. This piece of jewelry is modeled after Claire's necklace and is strictly limited. 

Only 2019 individually numbered metal replicas were crafted for the loyal fans of the human rights activist, so be quick and get your hands on this fashionable accessory.


Note: This item is strictly limited to 2019 pieces! (individually numbered)

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  • 1104679