Resident Evil Limited Edition Claire Redfield Ingot

Claire, the last hope of Raccoon City!

You are fans of the courageous heroes from Resident Evil 2? We have a special treasure for all of you who have completed your playthrough as Claire Redfield.

With a strictly limited edition of 2019 pieces, this metal bar is perfect for collectors and fans of arguably the most popular Resident Evil adventure of all time. Looks like it's going to be a bit of a staycation in Raccoon City...

Claire Redfield is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, the BSAA member and hero of the first Resident Evil adventure.

In search of him, human rights activist Claire finds herself in sleepy Raccoon City. When the first zombies show up, the urban idyll turns into a real nightmare. Fortunately, the cunning Claire shares some skills with her heroic brother - for example, survival in all imaginable situations.


Note: This item is strictly limited to 2019 pieces! (individually numbered)

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  • 1104678