Resident Evil VIII Replica House Crest Set


Delve into the terrifying depths of survival horror with the Resident Evil Village House Crest Collection. This exclusive merchandise pays homage to the captivating characters and nightmarish journey that unfolds within the sinister world of Resident Evil Village.

Unlock the secrets of the game as you behold four diamond-shaped medallions, each featuring a unique House Crest representing a key figure. Lady Dimetrescu's commanding elegance, Donna Beneviento's enigmatic allure, Salvatore Moreau's grotesque horrors, and Karl Heisenberg's rebellious spirit—all captured in these intricately designed medallions.

Limited to only 5000 pieces worldwide, each medallion is a treasured artifact, individually numbered for exclusivity and authenticity. Join an elite group of fans who truly understand and appreciate the essence of Resident Evil Village.

Encased in the renowned Giant Chalice Box, inspired by the game's macabre centerpiece, this collection is a true masterpiece. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the box evokes the eerie atmosphere of the village and serves as a perfect display for your prized collection.

Whether you're a die-hard fan, a collector of horror memorabilia, or captivated by the game's artistry and storytelling, the Resident Evil Village House Crest Collection is a coveted item. Experience the chilling presence of iconic characters, unravel mysteries, confront grotesque horrors, and witness rebellion—all through these captivating medallions.

Own a piece of Resident Evil history. Immerse yourself in the terror and intrigue of Resident Evil Village whenever you gaze upon this extraordinary collection. Embrace the darkness, conquer your fears, and showcase your passion for Resident Evil with these hauntingly beautiful medallions.


  • 4 pieces - each medallion shows the symbol of the 4 different houses of Resident Evil Village

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 0.505 kg
  • Dimensions: 65 mm (diameter)
  • Limited to 5000 pieces worldwide!
  • Each box is individually numbered
  • Capcom
  • 1125293

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  • 1125293