Resident Evil Limited Edition Leon S. Kennedy Ingot

Leon the rookie!

You are fans of the courageous heroes from Resident Evil 2? We have a special treasure for all of you who have completed your playthrough as Leon S. Kennedy. With a strictly limited edition, this metal bar is perfect for collectors and fans of arguably the most popular Resident Evil adventure of all time. Be quick though, because there are only 2019 pieces available.

This has been quite a first week at the Raccoon City Police Department.

Barely on duty, Leon S. Kennedy finds himself in a nightmare come true, with walking undead and gene-modified monsters wreaking havoc.

With an unhealthy dose of curiosity and a finger on the trigger, we enter the twisted police station, which has more secrets to reveal than we previously thought.


Note: This item is strictly limited to 2019 pieces! (individually numbered)

  • Resident Evil
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  • 1104677