Resident Evil R.P.D Key Collection

Content of this package:

  • 4x Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. metal key, strictly limited


Locked doors, my only weakness! 

Grab the complete four-piece set of the iconic keys from Resident Evil 2.

These officially licensed collectibles are strictly limited and individually numbered. In total, only 2019 of these coveted enamel replica sets are available. If we had these in our pockets before starting our zombie adventure, we certainly could save ourselves a great hassle. 

Now you have the chance to call the precious keys your own and show them off in your own little exhibition, because the keys come in an extraordinarily impressive collector's box. 

All hell is breaking loose in the Raccoon City Police Department. As daring police officer Leon S. Kennedy or as cunning Claire Redfield, you'll step right over undead bodies to find out where the devastating G-virus originates. 

The Gothic-style police station outshines all the monsters and zombies from Resident Evil 2. The many scattered puzzles and secrets remain in the memory of many survivors for a long time - everyone has searched for the many different keys to uncover the hidden mysteries of the police station. We almost dare to say that the puzzles were the real monsters featured in this gem of a survival horror game!


Note: This package is limited to 2019 pieces! (individually numbered)

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