Resident Evil R.P.D Welcome Pack

Content of this package:

  • R.P.D. Police Badge
  • R.P.D. Key Card
  • R.P.D. Parking Pass
  • Raccoon City Map


Welcome to the RCPD - we could use all the help around here right now!

Be a part of the Raccoon City Police Department with this impressive collectible set.

Grab this strictly limited set and get your own police badge, your personal key card for the gun cabinet and a parking pass.
All collectibles are made of high quality metal and come along with a city map of Raccoon City. Also, all items come with a presentation stand. Be quick though, because this package is limited to only 2019 pieces.

The RCPD could have been a normal police station in an extremely neat precinct. In Resident Evil 2, however, all hell has broken loose and walking corpses are staggering through the deserted alleys of the small town of Raccoon City. 

Do you have what it takes to put a stop to the mayhem? If so, report to the Raccoon City Police Department and get on the trail of this disaster. We've got your back, officer!


Note: This package is strictly limited to 2019 pieces. (individually numbered)

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  • 1104676