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MEGA MAN T-SHIRT FLAT MAN Mega Man T-Shirt - Flat Man
Borrowing elements from the "flat design" style common in graphics, this shirt shows the blue bombers helmet as a pocket print. High quality silk screen print, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed...
15.99 € 19.99 € *
MEGA MAN STATUE PROTO MAN Mega Man Statue - Proto Man
Proto Man as a limited collector's statue - Hand painted, limited to 1000 units worldwide. Manufactured by First4Figures.
183.99 € 229.99 € *
MEGA MAN STATUE MEGA MAN ITEM 2 Mega Man Statue - Mega Man Item 2
Mega Man in his red variant that you see when you activate the Rush jet. Handpainted, limited to 1000 units worldwide. Manufactured by First4Figures.
199.99 € 249.99 € *
MEGA MAN PLUSH PROTO MAN 18CM Mega Man Plush - Proto Man (18cm)
Fluffy and cool don't go well together? Well, you haven't met our 8" inch variant from Proto Man then. Made from soft plush, he's even bringing his shield. Manufactured by GEE.
15.99 € 19.99 € *
MEGA MAN FIGURE MEGA MAN NENDOROID Megaman Figure - Mega Man (Nendoroid)
Mega Man as a cute "Nendoroid" action figure. The figure is not only fully articulated, but comes with a heap of accessories as well as interchangeable faces and hands. Manufactured by Good Smile Company.
47.99 € 59.99 € *
MEGA MAN REPLICA MEGA MAN HELMET Mega Man Replica - Mega Man Helmet
Lifesize replica of Mega Man's helmet. The side panels can be illuminated with LEDs. Manufactured by Capcom. (Batteries not included)
143.99 € 179.99 € *
MEGA MAN PLUSH MEGA MAN Mega Man Plush - Mega Man
Our hero Mega Man in a large, plushy variant that's approx. 16" inches tall. Manufactured by GEE.
31.99 € 39.99 € *
MEGA MAN PLUSH RUSH Mega Man Plush - Rush
With his loyal look and fluffy outside, Rush can't wait to join you on your adventures. The sitting plushy is approx. 8" inches tall. Manufactured by GEE.
23.99 € 29.99 € *
MEGA MAN PLUSH RUSH 25CM MegaMan Plush Rush 25cm
The most popular robot dog as a plushy! Rush is approx. 10" inches tall and always prepared to cuddle. Manufactured by GEE.
27.99 € 34.99 € *
MEGA MAN PLUSH PROTO MAN Mega Man Plush - Proto Man
Proto Man, Mega Man's (older) brother as a small, cuddly plush, approx. 10"inches tall. Manufacted by GEE.
19.99 € 24.99 € *
MEGA MAN REPLICA PROTO MAN HELMET MINI Mega Man Replica - Proto Man Helmet Mini
If you always wanted to have a helmet from the "Mega Man" series for your desk, you're going to love this small scale replica of Proto Man's helmet! The replica is approx. 6 inches tall. Manufactured by Capcom.
7.99 € 9.99 € *
MEGA MAN COLLECTIBLE COIN 30TH ANNIVERSARY Mega Man Collectors Coin - 30th Anniversary
Celebrate Mega Man's 30th anniversary with this limited collector's coin. The polished coin is approx. 2" inches in diameter. Manufactured by Iron Gut.
9.59 € 11.99 € *
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