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RESIDENT EVIL 2 SNAPBACK UMBRELLA CORP Resident Evil 2 Snapback - Umbrella Corp
The name "Umbrella" usually does heralds calamity, but in this case it would be an exception. The stylish snapback cap in the classic "Umbrella" design comes in the characteristic colours - 100% cotton, size adjustable. Made by Lvlup Wear.
19.99 €
Show that you're part of the team! This 3D rubber patch shows the emblem of the well-known special unit S.T.A.R.S. and can be attached to your jacket or your backpack - Just make sure you don't come across any Umbrella employees. The...
7.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 MUG RPD Resident Evil 2 Mug - R.P.D.
You can't spell police department without coffee - Get your own souvenir from the R.P.D. with this official logo mug, all without extraordinary incidents. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.
9.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 UMBRELLA UMBRELLA CORP Resident Evil Umbrella - Umbrella Corporation
The rain will be the least of your problems during your visit in Raccoon City, but at least this umbrella with the logo of a certain sketchy company will keep you dry. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.
14.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 T-SHIRT RE2 LOGO Resident Evil 2 T-Shirt - RE2 Logo
For some, "Resident Evil 2" is still the best entry in the series. This classic black shirt shows the logo as a high-quality silk screen print.
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 T-SHIRT RPD Resident Evil 2 T-Shirt - R.P.D.
Being a police officer in Raccoon City is probably not the most desirable job, but feel free to show that you're part of the crew. The shirt showing the R.P.D. logo features a sleeve print as well.
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 WALLSCROLL LEON AND CLAIRE Resident Evil 2 Wallscroll - Leon & Claire
The heroes from Resident Evil 2 are featured on this high quality wallscroll measuring 77 x 100cm. Wallscrolls are the better posters: Elaborately printed polyester canvas between two aluminum rods ensures long-lasting joy without the...
24.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 RUBBER PATCH UMBRELLA Resident Evil Rubber Patch - Umbrella Corp.
Be part of the well-known, but slightly shady Umbrella Corporation with this rubber patch that attaches to your jacket or backpack. The patch measures approx. XX cm and has a self-fastener backing. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.
7.99 €
The "Special Tactics And Rescue Service" is the top-tier unit of Raccoon City. All of you know how many keys you come across during your visit, so make sure they're neatly tied together with this logo keychain. Manufactured by Gaya...
6.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 MUG STARS Resident Evil Mug - S.T.A.R.S.
Coffee is a vital part of every briefing from the S.T.A.R.S. special unit. They even have their own mugs for their unit showing the S.T.A.R.S. logo. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.
9.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 GLASS RPD Resident Evil 2 Glass - R.P.D. Emblem
Welcome to the Raccoon Police Department! Even the R.P.D. enjoys a cold brew after a cold case and it tastes even better from this glass with the R.P.D. logo. Although the tankard is bite-resistant, we recommend handwash. Manufactured by...
14.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL 2 - SURVIVAL HORROR EXPANSION Resident Evil 2 - Survival Horror Expansion
The "Survival Horror" expansion for the Resident Evil 2 Board Game provides players with 5 new survivor characters, new weapons, gruesome new enemies, a new game mode and two new scenarios featuring player vs. player characters. Are you...
39.99 €
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