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RESIDENT EVIL 2 - THE BOARD GAME Resident Evil 2 - The Board Game
Resident Evil 2, which many say is the best of the series, finds it's way onto your table with this co-operative survival horror board game. Intricate miniatures and innovative mechanics make sure to give you an experience that captures...
99.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL T-SHIRT CLASSIC LOGO Resident Evil T-Shirt - Classic Logo
You can't read this logo without saying it loud in your head: RESIDENT EVIL! Simple, black shirt with the logo of the first "Resident Evil". High quality silk screen print, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being...
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL T-SHIRT WOODS Resident Evil T-Shirt - Into The Woods
Fans of "Resident Evil 4" will never forget this scene - A man, a forest, a chainsaw. High quality silk screen print, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL T-SHIRT UMBRELLA LOGO Resident Evil T-Shirt - Umbrella Logo
If the Umbrella Corporation would be a real company, their promotional swag would probably look like this. Classic, black t-shirt with the Umbrella Logo from "Resident Evil". High quality silk screen print, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a...
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL STUBBIN NEMESIS Resident Evil Stubbin - Nemesis
The "Stubbins" are small, plushy variants of your favorite videogame characters! This one here is the big, bad Nemesis from the cult horror "Resident Evil". Approximately 8 inches tall and absolutely adorable! Manufactured by Gaya...
15.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL BEANIE S.T.A.R.S. Resident Evil Beanie - S.T.A.R.S.
It gets cold in Raccoon City as well and therefore, this beanie with embroidered logo is basic gear for any S.T.A.R.S. member. Mdae from polyester, one size fits all. Manufactured by Bioworld.
14.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL LITHOGRAPH WELCOME HOME Resident Evil Lithograph - Welcome Home
Welcome home! The scary mansion from the first "Resident Evil" can be found on this art print, paired with the Umbrella Corp logo. Are you brave enough to return to where it all began? The print is 30 x 40cm and limited to 995 pieces...
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL UMBRELLA UMBRELLA Resident Evil Umbrella - Umbrella Corp.
Make sure that you'll stay dry during the next incident with this umbrella that resembles the colors and logo of the ominous corporation - We can't give any guarantess to viral protection though. The umbrella is only 12" inches when...
14.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL LITHOGRAPH UNDER ATTACK Resident Evil Lithograph - Under Attack
Zombies? Zombies! Everywhere! This colorful lithograph from "Resident Evil" shows the onslaught of the undead against the elite forces of the Umbrella Corporation. The print measures 40 x 30cm and is limited to 995 units worldwide....
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL LITHOGRAPH BIO HAZARD Resident Evil Lithograph - Biohazard
This lithograph shows the two well-known "Resident Evil" heroes Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper battling a zombie - a piece of cake for both of them. The art print is limited to 995 units worldwide and measures approx. 30 x 40cm....
19.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL STATUE LEON S. KENNEDY ARTFX Resident Evil Statue - Resident Evil: Vendetta...
The illfated cop Leon S. Kennedy is the secret hero of the survival horror game "Resident Evil" for most fans. A lot of people owe their lives to him and this statue in 1/6th scale definitely does him justice. Manufactured by Kotubukiya.
219.99 €
RESIDENT EVIL STATUE CHRIS REDFIELD ARTFX Resident Evil Statue - Resident Evil: Vendetta...
Chris Redfield may have escaped the nightmare that was Raccoon City, but his finger is still on the trigger. Get your hands on the well-known protagonist and hero of the "Resident Evil" series as a detailed statue in 1/6th scale....
229.99 €
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