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STREET FIGHTER NECKLACE HADOKEN LIMITED Street Fighter Necklace - Ryu's Hadoken Limited
Ryu's Hadoken as a detailed charm, highly limited. Made from metal, approx. 2" inches in size. Manufactured by Capcom.
12.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH ZANGIEF Street Fighter Plush - Zangief
The red hurricane Zangief is a big, intimidating Russian. His feared grapple has won him a lot of fights, but we can assure you that this little giant only gets up close and personal for cuddles. About 15cm tall and very plushy....
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH HONDA Street Fighter Plush - E. Honda
You might think that sumo wrestlers are big and slow - But then there's E. Honda with the fastest hands in the tournament. He's proven himself countless of times and if you'd like to learn, feel free to welcome him into your home! About...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH BLANKA Street Fighter Plush - Blanka
Brazils wildest fighter is an all-around powerhouse. He beats his opponents through his unpredictable style and is always a bit charged. This version is thoroughly grounded and only shocks you through sheer cuteness. About 15cm tall and...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH DHALSIM Street Fighter Plush - Dhalsim
Dhalsim is the personified inner balance and his fire breathing skills are almost as impressive as his stretchable limbs, but his favorite pastime is meditating. Get your very own mentor and transcend together! About 15cm tall and very...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH GUILE Street Fighter Plush - Guile
The Air Force training prepared Guile for the tough journey that awaits him in the Street Fighter tournament. You have to be prepared to pull of his moves, so why not spend some time at your place with this cuddly version? About 15cm...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH CHUN-LI Street Fighter Plush - Chun-Li
Chun-Li is not only a master detective, but a world-class fighter as well. Tournament after tournament, she does not only impress with her mental strength but with her powerful legs as well. Right now, she's just looking to relax a bit...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH KEN Street Fighter Plush - Ken
Shoryuken! Ryus eternal rival Ken is just waiting for his next bout in your home. He's not only bringing strength and technique, but a cuteness overload. About 15cm tall and very plushy. Manufactured by Gosh!Designs.
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH RYU Street Fighter Plush - Ryu
Hadoken! The well-known fighter Ryu is a staple in every Street Fighter tournament so far. This version isn't looking to fight you and just wants to cuddle in preparation for his next battle. About 15cm tall and very plushy. Manufactured...
14.99 €
STREET FIGHTER PLUSH SAKURA STUBBINS EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter Plush - Sakura Stubbins Exclusive
Sakura, the ambitious student, has always been trying to follow Ryu's footsteps and she's pretty succesful at that. She really needs a good sensei to prepare, so you probably should let her practice some Hadokens. Exclusively available...
15.99 €
A meme inside a game, Blanka-Chan was initially only available in a small arcade in Japan. We've got our hands on a couple real ones just for you - Exclusively available at the Capcom Store Europe! About 20cm tall and totally cuddly....
15.99 €
Are you ready for this? Chun-Li joins the battle as a cute POP! Vinyl! The figure is approx. 10cm tall. Manufactured by Funko.
14.99 €
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